Do all sizes of dogs play together?
Yes, during the evaluation we make sure dogs get along with all sizes- big and small!
Do you crate or kennel dogs?
No, unless you request your dog to be fed while at daycare. They will be kenneled while they eat and for an hour after. On occasion we will give a dog a ‘time out’ if constantly disagreeing with others! This is usually for about 15-20 minutes.
Can I stay for my dog’s evaluation?
No. It is difficult to get an accurate idea of your dog’s behavior while you are in the building. They do know if you are there! It is also distracting to the other dogs and difficult for them to focus on the task at hand- welcoming a new friend into the group!
When should I drop of my dog for evaluation?
Please drop off your dog between 7-9am on his/her evaluation day. We need a minimum of 4 hours to complete the evaluation. We will contact you to let you know how it went!
What happens if my dog fails his/her evaluation?
You will be contacted as soon as we determine your dog is not a good fit for daycare. If you are not able to pick up your dog at that time, we will keep them kenneled or crated until you can.
Do you feed the dogs while attending daycare?
No, unless you request we do so. You must provide your dog’s food.  They are offered treats throughout the day, so please inform us of any food allergies!  Fresh water is available at all times.
Do the dogs go outside to go potty?
No, for safety and liability issues our daycare dogs are never taken outside of the building. We have a potty area inside the daycare area and most dogs pick up very quickly where they should go.  This area is constantly cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
Do you have heat and air conditioning?
Yes, we have both! Our facility is climate controlled throughout the year. We also have a large garage door we keep open on the nice days (fenced of course). Many of our guests enjoy a quick nap in the sunshine!
What is the maximum limit on the number of dogs in daycare?
This depends on a couple of factors, but generally between 20-25.
Do you offer any boarding services?
No, but some of our daycare staff offer pet sitting. We can recommend other professional pet sitters as well.
How long will it take for my dog’s grooming appointment?
We generally keep your dog 2-3 hours. If you have a large or extra furry dog, it can be a little longer!
What is included in a grooming appointment?
Haircut, bath, forced air blow-dry, nail trimming, ear cleaning/plucking, paw pads, sanitary area, and anal glands (upon request).
What other grooming services do you offer?
Teeth brushing, face trims, nails and nail polish. We do not require an appointment for these services, but please call ahead to ensure there is a groomer available.
How early or late can I drop off/pick up my dog?
We schedule grooming by appointment only, but offer early drop of between 7am to your appointment time Mon-Fri.  After your dogs appointment you can pick up as late as 6pm Mon-Fri.
Saturdays are between 9am -Closing.
What kind of grooming products do you use?
We use the Green Groom line of products.  Green Groom uses a blend of FTC and USDA organic certified plant derived cleaning agents, minerals and essential oils that are formulated to help the coat absorb the good stuff!  They also use 100% post consumer materials in their bottling and packaging to minimize impact on the environment.